Senin, 09 Februari 2009

My WoRld


by: sweetangeleyes

I slip past reality,
Where no one can see me.
Behind a misty waterfall,
All details of life I recall.
The fright and pain,
Everything all the same.
But there is where I can let it all out,
Where I can free all my doubt.
There in the shadows I stay,
'Til I feel it’s a brand new day.
My tears fall against my will,
My sobs echo in every rock and rill.
I cry out in pain and fright,
Trying to find what I hope is right.
My tears fall into the mist,
And I can’t resist.
Emotions come pouring out,
As I wonder what life is all about.
Then all began to fail,
As I let out a loud, cold wail.
Feelings I long hadn’t felt,
Began to finally be dealt.
So I cried my tears of grief,
At the waterfall I was beneath.
Cried 'til my strength was gone,
'Til I couldn’t remember my own song.
Then darkness came,
And I felt like I wasn’t the same.
I was so weary,
I had become so dreary.
I drifted off to a world beyond dreams,
And no one could see me.
Though I felt I was finally in reality,
All my pain I could see.
The lights that shone were from a heavenly place,
Looking down upon my tear-streaked face.
And so it seems,
That they took me into a world beyond dreams.